web design – PSD to html / xhtml / html5 conversion Services

webdesignshoppe – Web design psd to html5 / xhtml conversion review

Hello world i am a web browser want to share my knowledge regarding web designs and psd to html, html5 and coding services providing by many company.

In this blog i will aware you that how to chose a company what are the points to see before selecting a company, so that you do not waste your money or miss guide by any fraud company or means.

First step: First see the profile of the company (For idea what they are in) do they have web 2.0 designs in their portfolio or they are following nineties design. if they are good then ask for quotes.

Second step: Most impotent thing only pic those company or mean who give you surety for 100% Money back guarantee if the don’t meet the deadline or satisfaction label at least your money is in safe hands.

Third step: Once you are satisfy with the price do not pay the all 100% just pay the 40% of the total and see do the meet the guideline they said.


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