PSD To Html/Wordpress Conversion Methods and Required Steps

A number of business owners design their website in Photoshop and then performs a transformation from PSD to WordPress Conversion these days because developing a website is very crucial and only it can determine whether more visitors will be attract to their site or not. Website exemplifies the characteristics of a business and projects the objectives to the public. And thanks to the newer technologies which makes so easier to creating an attractive, eye catching website within least time span. One of such technologies is WordPress but it works in two ways, so there are two ways you can used to create eye-catch website for your business.

First way
First way of PSD to HTML/WordPress conversion is to finding a theme which is suits to your site and compatible as well because the PSD format has low number of pixels, and this causes major compatibility issues with most of the recent web browsers. Such method helps to convert the PSD designs into more reliable format of WordPress. For this you have to follow few easy steps:

  • First of all copy the entire images you want to utilize for your site from the main platform then open such images one by one and make sure you have created the PSD file.
  • After that you have to open such default images in Photoshop and must create new layers over them.
  • Resize and position such images properly otherwise those will not fit to the dimension.
  • Be sure that you have deleted the old image’s layer that you have targeted to modify, save such changes and replace it with the original.
  •  Last but not the least, you have to involve with CSS part. Its various features will help you either modify the width of your WordPress theme or to add/delete more features.

Though, it’s a simple way but one that must be considered is to having some basic knowledge of CSS or cascading style sheet.

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